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Welcome to The Rural Child Aids Foundation of Africa home site! We are glad you could spare sometime to visit us . We  trust you will find the information available for you ,here, touching and inspiring enough to make you want to do more for humanity....the people across the river or those behind your  security fence at home.
TRUCAF AFRICA is an acronym for The Rural Child Aids Foundation of Africa. Our organization is fully incorporated in the laws of the state of Indiana as a non-profit legal entity with full benefits under the United States taxation laws. Trucaf Africa is ,currently, participating and working in some parts of the African continent particularly in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, but we are making expansion strides into the rest of the continent. Our goal is to ensure that by 2007 we are fully and actively represented in most countries of Africa.
It is our pleasure to let the world know that TRUCAF Africa is  dedicated to the improvement of the welfare of Africa's children who are dying in their millions from the Aids scourge . We seek the world's attention to do more to save and serve the innocent future of this historically important continent, and we beseech you, our visitor, to join your hands with us in the fight for life by the African child. The children of Africa, like all human beings across the globe , deserve full enjoyment to life, but the majority are dying at tender ages without much peace ,let alone happiness, having been derived from the all too-short lives. Do they the deserve this fate?  No. We can work together to improve the welfare of these our brothers and sisters so they can experience a better livelihood, and in the proces we will preseve the future of the continent.


-  To provide medico-clinical care and social support to children and families who are affected by the HIV/Aids epidemic.
-  To continue to conduct socio-scientific research into the communal life systems of African families as a way to improve African attitudes and preparedness to change in line in global scientific theory and practice regarding HIV/Aids.
- To mobilize and galvanize multilateral and individual financial, material and other forms of support to further promote the fight against HIV/Aids on the African continent.
- To increase educational and hygienic support in order to strengthen community awareness of the catastrophic nature of the epidemic as a change agent.  
- To encourage the continuance of the family unit system as a way of promoting the core social values of African communities in the battle against Aids. 
- To advocate the institutionalization of  single marriages (monogamy)and post-marital sexual activities as a way to reduce the spread of HIV/Aids, and also as away to increase the focus on in-family support in the event of death due to HIV/Aids.
Human rights are proving to be difficult to promote against the background of the menacing death and destruction caused by HIV/Aids on the African continent.

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