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The whole world needs to understand why we do the things we say we do. Humanity should disavow itself of the mistrust and doubts about the goodness of  us and our neighbours. The numbers that populate the world are all for the good of it , the only missing link is that we all do not connect or co-operate to achieve the common good. As such this "One men for himself God for us all " philosophy does not do justice to the fact that if we were all satisfied with the things our neighbours do to positively influence the world, our peace would be greater , more universally acceptable and heartily cherished.
                                                                              .......Nelson Mandela, Rhode Island ( 1970).

Let us make a new commitment to the world's children.  It is
tragic enough that 1.5 million children died as a result of wars
over the past decade.  But it is far more unforgivable that, in
that same period, 40 million children died from diseases
completely preventable with simple vaccines or medicine.  Every
day--this day, as we meet here--over 30,000 of the world's
children will die of malnutrition and disease.... has reminded me that each of
those children has a name and a nationality, a family, a
personality, and a potential.  We are compelled to do better by
the world's children.
            ..President Bill Clinton..."  Confronting the Challenges Of a Broader World"
              Address to the UN General Assembly, New York City, Sept. 27, 1993

General Business Strategy
Trucaf Africa is working in an industry that largely depends on donor resources and materials , and this sector is riddled with accusations of corruption, impropriety, deceit, and maladministration of the very same donated resources, by the managing agencies. To counter the possibilities of falling into the same category of  under-achievers , Trucaf Africa takes a conscious effort to make its operations 100% transparent ,open and accessible to the donor community, our members , the people with and for whom we work as well as ordinary interested parties. To this end , we encourage all interested parties to visit our operations to see for themselves what and how we do.
-Trucaf Africa affirms its desire to appoint public auditors to check our books of accounts, periodically. Audited Annual Financial Statements are to be made accessible to all interested parties upon request.
-Trucaf Africa's internal tenders on projects shall be conducted openly in all the countries we operate , and all stringent checks and balances followed to ensure high quality service delivery to our consumers.
-Staff Recruitment shall be conducted in as professional and transparent a manner as possible to ensure the complete exclusion of nepotism, racism, corruption, or any form of patronage. Only the best capable hands and the most qualified brains will be hired to carry out business on behalf of the organization.
-All forms of communications will be utilized in order to reachout to the world in order to continue to publish and advertise our brand of service delivery.
-Where necessary Trucaf Africa shall engage in professional partnerships, locally and internationally, to augment our techical and managerial skills in order to optimize the use of resources and skills that are available, thus ensuring high quality service delivery.
Guiding Philosophy
Africa is an important part of the world in terms of the history and the future of mankind. While the world has fast become a global village, Africa still needs to attest to having moved through all known development stages that the developed world went through. Otherwise, Africa needs to make  conscious  development efforts borne primarily out of Africa in its quest for progress if any restoration of glory to both Africa and the world is to be witnessed. Granted the world influences us in more ways than we know how to affect the world ,  Africa still needs African solutions to African social and econmic problems.
In the same vein, Africa needs to court the world to buttress and support its development initiatives. The world ought to exact sincere and honest efforts in that direction because it is unreasonable and unjustifiable for the world to ignore Africa now considering the history of mankind. Africa and the world need each other. So when an honest effort , by Africa, to seek the assistance of the developed world, is made , it should not be viewed in the light of the poor begging the rich. 
Trucaf Africa, is  therefore, is guided by the principal fact that this is truly an African initiative to what is largely an African problem and when we seek the world's attention we do so very mindful of the fact the resources out there belong to the proprietors of the same. Noone is bound to assist unless they fully support our philosophy. For us when you support us it is a blessing and our prayers go with you, but even if you do not support us we still think you are an important part of the world community who must support other initiatives elsewhere in the world or even on the African continent. If you are pleased with our perception of the world and life, and you want to be part of us to effect positive change , wait no longer , because we need you .We will make your contributions worth more than the dollar sign because the lives we seek to save and protect are more valuable than the dime.We beseech you to allow us to continue on this path to help our brothers and sisters live, or come and join so you can see what we are doing . You might just be the missing link in our system. 

1/ Community Centers
These are the orphanages that are home to our consumers- are the victims of AIDS/HIV. In the centers the youths are provided with food, clothing, medicinal and  sanitary requirements, shelter, and social comfort. At these centers , we build basic vocational and educational training facilities to help the youths to learn basic education in readiness for re-integration into public shool systems. In other cases, the youths are trained on how to start nad manage income generating projects, a preparation for independent living outside the communal  institutions.
2/ Educational Assistance Program(EAP). 
This is the support rendered to youths who are capable of living independently, but the have probably lost the economically active parents and they cannot raise funds to attend schools or colleges. This level of assistance is giving to deserving youths from secondary education level up to tertiary(college, university) level.
3/ Mentoring Project
There are some youths who need specialized treatment and rehabilitation following the experiences they had in their lives . Some become metally challenged and they lose their capacity to deal with their daily life issues.They are in dire need of psycho-social rehabilitation, and we employ mentors and assistants to help lead and guide them through their challenges.

4/Public Support Program
This project involves working with public institutions such as clinics, hospitals and schools in the care ,management , education of the youths.Where necessary we supply equipment to some public institutions ,i.e. hospitals and schools , which will be used of rehabilitation and training of the victims of HIV/Aids.In some cases we co-operate in the management of some educational programs in order to effectively utilize the public school infrastructure . We may fund in part or wholly some of these programs while we use the public or community assets as the launching stables.
/ The Research Program
The foundation carries out socio-scientific research on behalf of multilateral agencies. It also collects as much data on the progress of the various HIV straints that are found in African communities , their culture and nature, and therefore serves as an information bank for all interested parties. As in many social research projects , the cultures of the various African communities are  fully investigated in order to determine their effect on the spread of HIV/Aids and the adaptability , suitability or applicability of trial medicines and other technologies.
The research projects we carry out vary in scope , and in some cases we work with specialist organizations helping them find the information they need , for example, scientific organizations, such as the UNESCO, the World Bank, and even university colleges. Therefore, in some cases we take the role of the aides in the research programs. Whatever our role is in any program , we will strive to give out the best of expertise as well as effort.

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